My name is Sara Cherie Mcleary.

I am the mother to two gorgeous toddlers who were born just under 365 days apart. Since becoming a mother I have rediscovered my passion and zest....painting that is!

I have had formal lessons and studied senior art in High-school. Over the years I have received numerous awards in competitions I have entered. However, I owe my artistic ability to my life mentor, my Nanna, Cherie Forbes. My Nanna was a local artist in Rockhampton who owned the Attic Gallery and taught lessons, mostly with watercolours. She has taught me since I was a little girl. I have lots of fond memories of going to her home and enjoying a scone or 3 whilst painting amongst ladies who were receiving lessons. Nanna still comments and gives me advice through facebook! She is very cool being able to even use facebook :)

So thankyou Nanna, all that I am or hope to be as an artist is thanks to you! xx

Anyway I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do. Feel free to browse and send through any enquiries. I am always happy to paint custom designs.